A former showgirl, Shirley Claire, who makes her home nowadays in Palm Springs, California.

The show is was on June 2, 2015 on N B C.


"She's not only talented but charming and witty too.
When Howie Mandel spoke after her performance,
she took a step closer to get a better look.
She mentioned that she couldn't see very well from
the stage. Howie waved and said, "It's me, Howie
Mandel." Shirley said, "Oh yes, I recognized your
hair." (Howie is bald.) All four judges said yes to
Shirley, they want her back. After the performance,
the camera lingered on her behind the curtain.
She gave AGT host Nick Cannon a kiss on the lips
he will never forget."


"87-year-old Shirley Claire was a showgirl during
the Golden Era of Hollywood. After flirting with
Nick Cannon, Shirley made her appearance on the
AGT stage. I loved her humor, spunk and more
importantly her singing voice. Shirley reminded
me of a combination of Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler
and Dame Shirley Bassey!"


"As Heidi gave Shirley a standing ovation,
Howie loved her wit and wanted to see more from her.
All four judges unanimously gave her a ticket to
the next round!"